Another Indian Uprising<br>Starring: <a href=''>Another Indian Uprising Tour</a>

Another Indian Uprising
Starring: Another Indian Uprising Tour

Friday January 18th, 2013
Time: 8:00PM

Flappers Comedy Club Claremont  - 
532 W First Street , Claremont, CA 91711
 | TICKETS: $20.00
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AIU Features three fantastic comedians who can be described as a nerd, a model and a mugger; Jim Ruel, Shishonia, & Gilbert Brown respectively.

Nerdy is an accurate way to describe Jim Ruel. He's done the math to prove it. Wisconsin raised, Stanford educated, and Bay Mills Ojibwe enrolled, Jim thrives on delivering pointed, clever punchlines. His comedy broaches the challenges of growing up nerdy and native and raising his young nerdling daughter. He plays World of Warcraft and has appeared on Showtime, Comedy Central, the BBC, & PBS. You can follow Jim on Twitter @NativeComedian

Shishonia has been known to model bikinis. She's also been known to compose literature. Read a copy of her first book, An Artist's Lexicon: A Peculiar View of the World, and expand your mind. She recently completed her bachelor's degree in creative writing at Antioch University. The Navajo Nation can be proud to call her one of their own as she resides in Los Angeles pursuing writing, improv, and standup in television and film. Follow her on Twitter @Shishonia

In the world of wild horse rodeo, Gilbert Brown is known as a mugger. Kinda like a horse whisperer, but instead of whispering, he puts the horse in a head lock while the equine amiably endeavors to bite his hand off. While Gilbert lost a bit of his hand in the process, his experiences have fueled the fearlessness he possesses during his performances as he mugs audiences with his comedy. He's an ostentatious member of the Modoc, Klamath, Warm Springs & Paiute Nations.

"We appreciate you all so very much. As a small non-profit, we are always seeking ways to provide our conference participants (and their families) with a great experience given our limited resources. Jim Ruel and Shishonia Livingston provided such an uplifting night, and gave us the best medicine of all... laughter. We would love to continue working with them (and your company) during our annual events each March in San Diego. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- Chelsea Sutherland, American Indian Institute

"It was an awesome show, and everyone, from start to finish, were very professional. I had a great time working with everyone."
- Gary Jourdain, Seven Clans Casino
- American Indian Institute
Three Native Americans from several different tribes all come together to bring you laughter aplenty. The comedians; Shishonia the Navajo, Gilbert Brown from the Pauite, Modoc, Klamath Warm Springs tribe and Jim Ruel from the Ojibwe tribe, all come together to bring you a 90 minute show filled with laugh for both natives and non-native audiences.   read more...

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