Freds Frivolous Lawsuit Fundraiser<br>Starring: <a href=''>Charlie Murphy</a>

Freds Frivolous Lawsuit Fundraiser
Starring: Charlie Murphy

Sunday February 23rd, 2014
Time: 7:00PM

Flappers Comedy Club Burbank - 818-845-9721
102 East Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91502
 | TICKETS: $20.00
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Seinfeld Actor Holds Fundraiser to Fight Lawsuit By "Real-Life" Kramer

Burbank, CA– On Sunday, February 23rd at 7pm, "Fred's Frivolous Lawsuit Fundraiser," will be held at Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant. This stand-up comedy show will raise money to help veteran comedian/actor/writer Fred Stoller raise funds to pay for a 1 million dollar suit brought against him by the real-life "Kramer." Hosted by Fred Willard (Best In Show, Modern Family), several celebrity headliners will be performing stand-up to help raise legal funds for Mr. Stoller, a highly respected comedian, writer, and character actor who has appeared in over seventy films and TV shows, including Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dumb and Dumber, Friends, Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place and who wrote several episodes of Seinfeld, including the famous "The Soup" episode. Stoller recently published "Maybe We'll Have You Back: The Life And Times Of A Perennial TV Guest Star, " a memoir that chronicles his storied career. Though Stoller's book has been universally praised by such celebrity comedians as Chris Rock and Jeff Garlin, Kenny Kramer (of whom the character of Kramer in Seinfeld was based upon) alleges that comments Stoller made about him in the book are not factual.

During the fundraiser, several celebrity headliners, including Willard and Brody Stevens, will be performing stand-up to help fundraise for Mr. Stoller, who will also be auctioning off highly valued collectables from his entertainment career, including signed scripts (Everybody Loves Raymond, Bob's Burgers, NCIS, and "The Soup" episode of Seinfeld), Crank Yankers and Daddy Day Care jackets, photos of Fred & Pee Wee Herman, Fred's Dumb and Dumber call sheet, as well as a famed photo from Fred's Seinfeld episode featuring Seinfeld, Bania, and Kramer. Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants) will also be auctioning personalized SpongeBob messages to members of the audience. 100% of the ticket sales goes to pay Fred's attorney fees. The evening promises full of fun, fundraising and yada yada yada.

Charlie Murphy's rapid evolution from Chappelle's Show cast member to top-billed international comedian, playing to sold-out audiences around the globe, has been remarkable. He has spent the past 8 years performing his critically acclaimed stand-up show and solidifying his position in Hollywood as a true acting, writing and producing talent, in his own right.   read more...

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