Wendy Hammer's Tasty Words <br>Starring: <a href='http://www.flapperscomedy.com/site/index.php?pg=talentdetail_page&id=0149e61b77baaa6'>Craig Shoemaker -The Lovemaster</a>

Wendy Hammer's Tasty Words
Starring: Craig Shoemaker -The Lovemaster

Sunday August 11th, 2013
Time: 7:00PM

Flappers Comedy Club Burbank - 818-845-9721
102 East Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91502
 | TICKETS: $25.00
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Only In LA: Tales from LA LA Land
great stories by wonderful, funny, moving writer/performers from stage and screen.
Featuring these like totally LA writer/performers:

Tom Ayers - Fly Me to the Moon
Barra Grant - It's Who You Know
Annabelle Gurwitch - The Scent of Petty Theft
Jeff Kahn - You're So Unique
Joanie Fagan - Inching My Way Back To Brentwood
Holly Long - The Little Peoples' Christmas Party
Craig Shoemaker - This Close to Making It
Jo Willette - Child Actor
Jane Edith Wilson - Welcome me to the City of Angels

And hosted by Tasty Words™ Creator and LA woman
(by way of Jersey and Manhattan)
Wendy Hammers

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Wendy Hammers
Creator of Tasty Words

Craig Shoemaker -The Lovemaster
The Lovemaster
Parks & Recreation

Barra Grant

Jeff Kahn

Holly Long

Jane Edith Wilson

Tom Ayers
Mad About You
3rd Rock from the Sun

Joanie Fagan
3 Blonde Moms
Disney Movies/Commercials
Sitcoms/Standup Comedy TV

Annabelle Gurwitch

Jo Willette