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Time to start promoting this. Sunday, April 21st. we have one of my favorite comics coming into town. Rodger Lizaola. Met this dude in Seattle Years ago. Now he's taken his comedy to San Jose, but he'll be here April 21st doing an hour of hilarious!. Hosted by arguably the best host in the city The Real Hyjinx, and featuring myself. (For those of you asking when I was going to do a real set, instead of hosting all the time.) Tickets are $6 Presale and go on Sale this Friday. or $10 at the door. But if you Register with PDX Comedy Fans ( and RSVP to this event, you will get the presale price at the door.
— with Tyrone D Collins, Rodger Lizaola and Christina Booth.Scott Von Wald
· · · Share · April 2