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MR First Timer Funnies Pro/Am w/Jerry Rocha<br />Starring: <a href='index.php?pg=talentdetail_page&id=014d5022adcdd55'>Jerry Rocha</a>.

MR First Timer Funnies Pro/Am w/Jerry Rocha
Starring: Jerry Rocha

May 27th, 2014 at 10:00PM
Additional Show Dates :

Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
102 East Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91502

TICKETS: $10.00
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Jerry Rocha is one of the hottest comics on the scene, constantly on tour and leaving a trail of busted guts and broken hearts in his wake. Well not really, but he has been a featured performer on SiTV, The Latino Laugh Festival, was the subject of a half-hour documentary on the Travel Channel, and was a Semi-Finalist on Season 7 of Last Comic Standing on NBC. He has worked at comedy clubs all over the country, and is now living in L.A., if that doesn´t work out, he´ll move back in with his Mom in Texas. His routine is all over the map, and he is able to make light of any subject, making people laugh at things they normally wouldn´t, and also making them laugh at the easiest target: himself.

First Timer Funnies- Has anyone ever told you you're funny? Well here's your chance to prove it. Professional and Amateur Comedians come together to create this exciting new show format. This is a great opportunity for Salespeople, Moms, Dads, Grandparents and the like to try out their comedy skills live on stage. The show will also have a professional MC as well as a Professional Guest or Headliner Spot. All the rest of the comics are real people just like you. Performers who wish to be in the show can call the club. Comedians must provide a guest count and stage time is awarded based on turn out. One guest =One min on stage- Up to 5 minutes total. For pre booking contact mailto:Bookings@flapperscomedy.com or Call 818-845-9721

Also Starring:
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder grew up in beautiful and pastoral Colorado, where he did not participate in such activities as mountain climbing, rafting, spelunking, and power walking. His parents taught him that sex was a natural act, and that he should use his time in college to "have fun." (his parents are currently looking into adopting their own grandchildren).

Josh has gone on only three dates in his lifetime, and each ended as it began: with a skin rash.

Hobbies include tracking changes of hair style on the extras in Star Trek: The Next Generation, trying to cry, and crying.

The lure of Southern California's market research facilities could not keep Josh in Colorado. He currently works as a Client Service Representative, where he makes name tags, defends the dignity of the office printers, and shows clients how to use the coffee machine with only one button on it.

Comedian De Mann

He was conceived in Aisle 4 by his 16 year old, bi-polar mom and her 18 year old butcher, boyfriend, and then raised by his Jehovah´s Witness Grandma in a Chicago Housing project until the ripe age of 12 when he went to live with his dad and got liberated into the bachelor life. He danced before he walked and cussed before he talked and by third grade he realized his ability to captivate neighborhood audiences with his superior talent and uncensored, ruthless humor. Dancer, musician, theatre, film and voiceover actor, writer, comedian – he is more than Hollywood´s version of a triple-threat; he is a showman and a storyteller. To the stage he brings the grace of Fred Astaire, the flare of Michael Jackson and the unapologetic rawness of Robin Harris. An overly –freckled black ginger he is De Mann, or as his mother affectionately calls him, M****F****!
Comedian Erik Kitter
6 year Detroit Comedy veteran, recently relocated to Los Angeles from office work to Back to the Future, Erik Kitter covers it all.
Victoria made the transition from 4th Grade School Teacher to Fulltime Actress in 2012. She has her BFA Actig degree from Montclair State University in NJ, where she excelled in Comedic improv. Always the life of the party, it was only a matter of time she would grace the stage to deliver feel good comedy in a girl next door type of way!
Comedian Derek Paul

Comedian Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
FLAPPERS PRESENTS: The Renaissance, The Crusader, The Archetype, The Post Modernistic Dialectic Comedian. The Paradigm Shift in humor...! Embrace the comedic anomaly because the field of humor is about to change. Credits: www.mrpregnant.com Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
Comedian Jaime Lopez

Comedian Frankie Cronin

Frank Cronin is an Irish born and raised comedian, actor, writer, producer and ex-Irish army officer who first achieved national acclaim for his humorous adventure sketch videos on his YouTube channel 'GlowPunk.' In 2012 Frank won the 'People's Choice Award' at the WAFF Awards in Ireland, and received an 'Honorary Headcase Award' in 2013. Frank was also nominated for an 'Outsider - Person of the Year Award' in 2013 for his documentary series about living in a tent for his entire final year of university. In 2014 Frank began opening for National Headliners and is currently studying at the Stella Adler School of Acting and writing, producing and starring in the hit Irish comedy series 'The Boys'
Comedian Dex Carvey

Comedian Tom Carvey
Tom Carvey is a 20 year old standup comedian from San Francisco.
"Iv seen the future of comedy and Tom Carvey...was there when i saw it,"-Barry Sobel

Comedian Joseph Scalise

Joseph Scalise, is a Norcal native currently sloshing his way through the Los Angeles wasteland. According to legend he once got thrown through a bar window and managed to run a miracle mile despite a broken femur his leg. However, there is no way to prove or disprove these stories. He has been doing comedy short term but hopes to expand and grow in the future.
Comedian Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, surrounded by conservative Republicans, fundamentalist Christians, and Native Americans (yes, they're real). He grew uncomfortable. He moved away from wonderful family and friends, all the way to LA, in order to share his discomfort with comedy audiences. Social and political satire filtered through the perspective of a warm hearted atheist-anarchist. A good mushroom trip in standup comedy form. Don't worry, plenty of dick jokes are sprinkled throughout to ease any tension.
Comedian Oscar Vargas

Oscar is a comedian born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He got his first laugh in sixth grade when a teacher asked for a volunteer to go up and make the class bully laugh. The classroom roared with laughter and as Oscar looked out at his first audience something clicked inside of him that's had him chasing that same feeling ever since. Keep an eye out for this young up and comer.
Comedian Rian Antonelli
Rian grew up in Phoenix, AZ. He is the youngest child of 3 and is black from the waist down. His dream and passion in this ridiculous place called life is snorting large amounts of crack cocaine off random stranger's body parts, usually around the anus. His favorite setting for this safe and harmless activity is usually on a dirty floor of a 7 Eleven bathroom. Rian loves short distance walks on the beach, and midget hookers, because they charge half the price. In the summer time, you can usually find Rian in the front yard of his home, being a drunk asshole. Rian is a great guy who is going places in life.. and by places I mean the nearest county jail. Everyone wish him luck as he attempts to further his life long career of being as ridiculous as possible. He's going to need it.
Comedian Paul Heredia

Paul Heredia is a Seattle raised comedian. He finally settled in Los Angeles to start his pseudo career as an unemployable comedian. With years of higher education wasted on him, he earned a Bachelor´s of Science in Psychology from Washington State University. Years of mistrust and anxiety have led Paul to seek stage time in comedy clubs. Paul is currently in the Second City conservatory program and writes/directs/acts with his sketch comedy group Fruit Chicken. Check them out on the internet! Subscribe!


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