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Upcoming Events  from: 09/25/2016
There will be an additional Service Charge on All Special Events

Sep 25th | 07:00PM Laurie Kilmartin | Burbank | $10.00
"Last Comic Standing"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Jason Visenberg
Headliner: Laurie Kilmartin
Stand Up: Blaire Barnes
Stand Up: Darren Capozzi
Stand Up: Dennis Hemphill
Stand Up: Sean Hobson
Stand Up: Chris Mac Ewan
Stand Up: Nora Nagatani
Stand Up: Christina Pazsitzky
Stand Up: Hannah Pilkes
Stand Up: Anna Simeri
Stand Up: Nathaniel Stroud
Stand Up: Robby Valls
YH-Show Runner: John Craig  
Sep 25th | 09:00PM Paul Morrissey | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Paul Morrissey
Stand Up: Ibo Brewer
Stand Up: Angelo di Nallo
Stand Up: Mary Gallagher
Stand Up: Christian Pieper
Stand Up: Anna Pollock  
Sep 25th | 09:00PM Rene Garcia | Burbank | $10.00
"Last Comic Standing"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Jason Visenberg
Headliner: Rene Garcia
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Jason London
Stand Up: Mattio Martinez
Stand Up: Felix McNulty
Stand Up: Jimmy Rhodes
Stand Up: Samantha Rund
Stand Up: Karen Vasquez
Stand Up: Tricia Williams  
Sep 25th | 07:00PM William Randolph | Claremont | $12.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Taquita Love
Headliner: William Randolph
Stand Up: Dave Goodman
Stand Up: Julian Fernandez
Stand Up: Isaac Hirsch
Stand Up: Dave Neal
Stand Up: David Shine  
Sep 25th | 07:00PM Jeff Garlin | Burbank | $20.00
"Curb Your Enthusiasm"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Headliner: Jeff Garlin  
Sep 25th | 03:30PM PRIVATE: Coaching Session (1hr) | Burbank | $100.00     Buy Tickets Instructor: Ken Pringle  
Sep 25th | 04:00PM BAR - 4pm - Flappers University Student Open Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Paul Douglas Moomjean  
Sep 26th | 08:00PM Tone Bell | Burbank | $10.00
"The Flash"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Cheri Hodge
Headliner: Tone Bell
Stand Up: Raajeev Aggerwhil
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Grant Cotter
Stand Up: Samantha Flick
Stand Up: Jason Kim
Stand Up: Rob Rasner
Stand Up: Ramy Youssef  
Sep 26th | 08:30PM Open Mic Mondays | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Brian McDaniel  
Sep 27th | 08:00PM Becky Robinson | Burbank | $10.00
"FunnyorDie First Sh*t"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Laura Hayden
Feature: Matteo Lane
Headliner: Becky Robinson
Stand Up: Mimi Baranova
Stand Up: Cody Gigold
Stand Up: Grant Michael Palmer
Stand Up: Andy Stewart  
Sep 27th | 07:30PM Chip Nicholson | Burbank | $2.00
" Fox Poker Network"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Roxy Cook
Headliner: Chip Nicholson
Stand Up: Matt Donaher
Stand Up: Greg Gonzalez
Stand Up: Morgan Jay
Stand Up: Stanley Pearson II
Stand Up: Alan Peterson
Stand Up: Rob Rasner
Stand Up: Tema Louise
Stand Up: K9  
Sep 27th | 09:30PM Bryan Kellen | Burbank | $10.00
"Lopez Tonight"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Hans Sardo
Headliner: Bryan Kellen
Stand Up: Mariya Alexander
Stand Up: Ori Amir
Stand Up: Nikki Bailey
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: King Hassan
Stand Up: Christina Marie Leonard
Stand Up: Laura Niles
Stand Up: Alex Oliver  
Sep 27th | 05:00PM Happy Hour Open Mic Show | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Luis Ramirez
Emcee: Wynter Spears  
Sep 27th | 10:00PM Forrest Shaw | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Laura Hayden
Headliner: Forrest Shaw
Stand Up: Dylan Wallace
Stand Up: Holly Anabel Brown
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Michael Gelbart
Stand Up: Seth J
Stand Up: Feraz Ozel
Stand Up: Chinedu Unaka
Stand Up: Alvin Williams  
Sep 27th | 10:30PM No Blender Bar Show Tues | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Kelly Thewlis
Emcee: Cheri Hodge  
Sep 28th | 10:00PM Dana Eagle | Burbank | $10.00
"The Late Late Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Roxy Cook
Headliner: Dana Eagle
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Brandon Cormell
Stand Up: Hayley Angela Gilbert
Stand Up: Dominic Harris
Stand Up: J.C.R.
Stand Up: Hannah Leskosky
Stand Up: Paul Morrissey
Stand Up: Scott Parietti
Stand Up: Jeremy Weinreich
Stand Up: Mike Wesley  
Sep 28th | 08:00PM Uncle Clydes Comedy Contest - Round Six Week 5 | Burbank | $12.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets 1] Yousef Abu-Taleb
2] S. David Acuff
3] Wyatt Cote
4] Allie Goldstick
5] Ingrid Haubert
6] Corey Johnson
7] Drew Kraft
8] Kevin Shustack
9] Chris Wilson
Emcee: Jose Barrientos
Math Time: The Jasons  
Sep 28th | 04:30PM FlappCast- Behind the Funny | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Joshua Snyder  
Sep 28th | 07:30PM Paige Wesley | Burbank | $10.00
"March Madness Finalist"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Cheri Hodge
Film Screening: David May
Headliner: Paige Wesley
Stand Up: Greg Benevent
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Chris Edsey
Stand Up: David P. Kronmiller
Stand Up: Bonnie Rieger
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder
Stand Up: Alex Weitzman  
Sep 28th | 09:30PM Forrest Shaw | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Meegan Kelleher
Headliner: Forrest Shaw
Stand Up: Chantel Rae
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Jessica Mann
Stand Up: Dave Mays
Stand Up: Tommy Rico
Stand Up: Joe Padilla
Stand Up: Larceo Walters
Stand Up: Jeff Zenisek  
Sep 28th | 10:30PM No Blender Bar Show Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Samantha Rund
Emcee: Jessi Milestone  
Sep 28th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions_Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Producer: Barbara Holliday
Producer: Ken Pringle
Producer: Crystal Charee  
Sep 29th | 10:00PM Adam Hunter | Burbank | $10.00
"Last Comic Standing"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Roxy Cook
Headliner: Adam Hunter
Stand Up: Johnny Beehner
Stand Up: Todd Bonnet
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Vinny Fasline
Stand Up: Mario Huato-Chavez
Stand Up: Jason Love
Stand Up: Randy Loveridge  
Sep 29th | 07:30PM Jenna Kim Jones | Burbank | $10.00
"The Daily Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: James Creviston
Headliner: Jenna Kim Jones
Stand Up: Emily Allyn
Stand Up: William Gilliam
Stand Up: Ashley Grashaw
Stand Up: Paul Douglas Moomjean
Stand Up: Luke Lacoy  
Sep 29th | 08:00PM Kevin Farley | Burbank | $15.00
"Tommy Boy"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Jose Barrientos
Headliner: Kevin Farley
Stand Up: Susan Allen
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Caroline Feraday
Stand Up: Ron Rossi  
Sep 29th | 09:30PM Ryan Stout | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: Brian DAugustine
Headliner: Ryan Stout
Stand Up: Flobo Boyce
Stand Up: Pete Buchbauer
Stand Up: Taylor Cardace
Stand Up: Andrea Carlisle
Stand Up: Rawle Dee
Stand Up: Donald Lett
Stand Up: Londale Theus Jr.  
Sep 29th | 06:00PM Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Crystal Charee
Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Sep 29th | 08:00PM Auntie Clares Comedy Contest Round 6 Week 4 | Claremont | $12.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Howard Aronin
Half Time/Math Time: Matt Price
Stand Up: Alex Dang
Stand Up: Josh Karry Garcia
Stand Up: Lonnie Johnson
Stand Up: Chris Kostolefsky
Stand Up: Jarret Myers
Stand Up: Anna Polack
Stand Up: Jessica Rosas
Stand Up: Anthony Tapia
Stand Up: Michael Webb
Stand Up: Luther Wilson Jr.  
Sep 29th | 10:00PM Open Mic | Claremont | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Producer: Breana Burch  
Sep 29th | 10:30PM BAR - 10:30pm - No Blender Bar Show Thurs | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Mike Perkins
Emcee: Erikka Innes  
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