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Evan Cassidy

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Evan Cassidy performs his own schizophrenic brand of "character comedy" stand up nightly throughout OC/LA and beyond. While in college, Evan became notorious on campus at UCI for crashing dorm parties in character with a guitar as "The Singing Frenchman". In 2007 he quickly moved his performances from the dorms to local open mics, never breaking character in early years before and after shows. After college, Evan produced and starred in his own web series "Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe" (featured in OC Weekly and Houston Press) and began pursuing stand up full time. He has made great strides not only to create his own original act, but also to develop a supportive comedy scene, hosting shows all thoughout in Orange County (including a monthly show at Brea Improv "Straight Fudgin´ Comedy"). Whether he´s crashing your party or hosting it, Evan or one of his characters will deliver the funny!

09/28/14 7PM YH-Tony Hall's Carnival of Comedy
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room

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