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Tue 09/18/2012
Comedians Laboratory

SATURDAYS Flappers Comedy Club, YOO HOO ROOM  -Comedians Laboratory Burbank
Hey comedians and students here's your chance to work on a few new jokes in our comedy lab and get some instant feedback from other comedians.  Each person  performs several minutes of Stand up in front of other comedians and after the set is finished, they will get instant feedback.  This is a great supplement to our Flappers unievrsity Classes.   There is no admission charge for this lab, but please bring your sense of humor, jokes, thirst and your appetite because our Full Flappers Food and Beverage Menu is available for you to partake.   Stage Time depends on the amount of comedians who show up.  No pre-reservation required, just come on down to Flappers Comedy Club Burbank 102 E. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA  91502.  Free parking at the Sears parking lot across the street.  Contact:   Charlene Mae CharleneM@FlappersComedy.com   www.FlappersComedy.com  Call 818-845-9721.

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Fri 04/06/2012
Tuesday’s – Get It On Tape

Tuesday’s – Get It On Tape

COMEDIANS LIVE SHOW TAPING - Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank Mainroom
Stand Up Comedy Tapings| Every Tuesday at 10:00pm in the Mainroom!

All Comedians need great video in order to get better gigs. In fact it's almost impossible to build a successful comedy career without a good video.   Flappers is ready  to help.  Every Tuesday we are dedicating our mainroom to videotaping comedians.  We've created a show called “Get It On Tape” which gives you the opportunity to perform anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes based on the tape you need.   We have our HD camera set up and focused on YOU and center stage.  In order to ensure that we have a full and supportive house for your professional DVD taping, we ask that you pre-purchase Tickets and we're even selling them to you at a discount.  You can pre-purchase Five tickets for $30  or  Ten (10) tickets for $50.  If you wish to do more than a 5 minute taping we ask that you pre-purchase Ten tickets.   In addition we will also provide you with a professional DVD of your entire set.   Don't waste any more time!  Get more gigs today with a great new tape.  Call or Email us today to get your spot.  Call Barbara or Andy at 818-845-9721 ASAP, or email Bookings@Flapperscomedy.com.

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Fri 04/06/2012

FLAPPERS FILM FESTIVAL Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank Main Room  Sunday at 9pm!!  The Contest is open to filmmakers, comedians, and actors who would like to screen a film!  There are Six Preliminary Rounds, in each preliminary round 6-10, One to 6 minute films will be screened, and the Audience will vote for their favorites.   Each 1st place weekly winner will receive a  $101 cash prize, 2nd place winners will receive a gift certificate from Flappers Comedy Club or a local Restaurant Sponsor, and 3rd place winners get  Flappers traditional Huge Side of French Fries. The Top Three finishers from each preliminary round will be invited to perform in a Finals Round.  Each Finals winner will receive a  $100 cash prize and chance to interview on some of the Top Podcasts in the country and will have their film featured on some of the web's hottest New Media sites including Youtube and Funny or Die. Submissions can be emailed to NewMedia@Flapperscomedy.com    We are currently scouting films for a new comedy channel.    

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Sat 02/04/2012
Seeking Italian Male

Jimmy & Joey Comedy Team
Seeking straight man for established stand-up comedy team.
Jimmy: Italian, 5'8"+, East Coast accent and vibe, great comedic timing, big personality, available to travel. Open call Saturday February 4th. Send pictures and resumes to joey@themeatballsofcomedy.com.

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Wed 06/08/2011

Flappers Comedy Clubs in Burbank and Claremont are currently looking for professional independent producers who would like to produce weekly or monthly shows at both Flappers locations.   We offer door deals, tickets splits and lots of promotional support for your shows.  If you’ve got a show idea and would like to get your foot in the door at Flappers let us know.   We have Tuesdays at 10pm, Friday and Saturdays, and there is availability at our Claremont location as well! Call Barbara or Andy at 818-845-9721 ASAP.  Or Email Bookings@Flapperscomedy.com

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