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Sat 04/23/2011
Going Aminalistic in the Yoo Hoo Room

Ever heard a the mating call of a man? Josh Adam Meyers had the Yoo Hoo Room in stitches as he swept the competition Wednesday night. He took first place followed closely by Tom Ayres. They booth move on to the Soup or Bowl Finals on May 18, 2011 at Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank in the Main Room at 8pm don't miss out!

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Thu 02/24/2011
Kimberly Clark wins First Place at Round 4 Soup or Bowl Finals!

The votes have been tallied! The ballots have been cast!  The audience has spoken!

Kimberly Clark wins First Place at Uncle Clyde's Round 4 Soup or Bowl Finals! You'll be seeing her soon guest spotting for one of major weekend headliners, and she got to take home $500 cash!

Kyle Clark came in a close second, winning a $50 gift card to Flappers, and a DVD of his set.  Wes Sylvestri and Tyler Greene tied for third, and split the Uncle Clyde's signature Giant Side of Fries.


Congrats to all the winners! For Uncle Clyde's thoughts on each comic, check out his live blog from the Finals!

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Wed 02/23/2011
Uncle Clyde Blogs LIVE from Round 4 Soup or Bowl Finals!

Hey everyone! it's been a long time, and old age can't hold me back, but this Uncle is back in action.  I'm currently cozyed up at my favorite spot in the main showroom, got my gigglewater, meatloaf and garlic fries, and excited to see tonight's talent.  Boy, do we have the lineup for you!


Dave Reinitz took the stage as our emcee. What a funny set on corporations, and being ripped off! He jokes about putting an end to the great cat shortage through cloning, how banks rip us off, but my favorite is trying to learn Starbuckian! I hate it when they act like they don't know what I mean when I say regular! Wish I could vote for him!

Kate Huffman, poor girl lost her voice today!  Tiny girl, but big jokes! I think her material on dating is funny!  I'll take some tips, because the best part of everything she says is true!  Some of the guys she's met aren't the brightest, like the guy who said that she shouldn't worry about working because she's in shape!  Or the creepy security guy who hits on her in her building!  Hilarious!

Up now is Wes Sylvestri.  His set is also about dating, but different from Kate.  Wes talks about the trials and tribulations of dating his girlfriend, and how their stuck in a rut! Some of his stuff is a little blue from some, but boy, does he know how to use a sound cue to put an extra punch in a joke! He jokes about some weddings, funerals, and even Twilight. What a funny guy!

Evan Gaustad just took the stage.  How sweet, his Mom's in the audience cheering him on.  He jokes about everyday stuff he sees, like a random guy on the phone at Starbucks, who randomly did a pirouette! He goes on about going back home, and how much he dislikes going to the local dive bar and running into some old friends from high school, like Nick Wilson.  Nick, you gotta have a more rememberable name, like Uncle Clyde!  Not really, because it's taken.

Harmony McElligot is up there now. What an interesting name, and he sure has heard it all in regards to his name!  I especially like the bit on how he could never be in an outlaw biker gang, or when he talks about the toughest he ever is, is when he kills cockroaches or bugs. He's added something new since the last time I saw him, hipster cockroaches!  Could you imagine?

Now it's Rick Pierre Louis, and he opened with how he pulled his back sneezing. Then he talked about losing hair, and how hard it is to get a girl the older you get. My favorite bit was about how his Dad used to forget who he was! Boy, let me tell you what it's like getting old, that's nothing! 

It's officially Half Time! Picard Manuever is our half time act, but with the talent so far, the competition is fierce!

Kimberly Clark was funny! She talked about work, or lack there of, the Oscars, and Grease.  I love Grease, it's one of my favorites, but the best part is when she jokes about ChaCha. I've always wondered why a 40 year old is at a highschool prom too!

After Kimberly is Tyler Greene! He has some pretty funny one liners!  I do love some witty comedy! The best one in my opinion? Knickers, please! He wrapped up with some "Yo Momma" jokes, and left the audience in stitches!

Jake Dill grew a beard since the last time we saw him! He opened with some funny funny about it, and how it makes him look homeless, but tough! He joked about fancy words, ATMs, banks, but the best was leopard underwear!

We're down to the last two! Kyle Clark opens up with some jokes about the workplace, and company soft ball games. He just moved on to dating a new girl, and David Bowie, and Indie Rock. He had a great closer, about his guy friends, that left me laughing hysterically.

Last but not least, Bethany Dwyer! She opened with some pretty funny material on being single, and how much she hates that Single Ladies song all the kids are raging about these days.  Her material on dating was hilarious too!


Ok everyone, I gotta help tally the votes! Enjoy Picard Manuever for Math Time, and I'll be back with the results!


Uncle Clyde

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Fri 02/04/2011
Rich Pierre Louis Wins UCCC Round 4 Week 3!
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Harmony McElligot Sun 01/30/2011
Harmony McElligot wins week 2 of UCCC's round 4!
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