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Tue 09/18/2012
Comedians Laboratory

SATURDAYS Flappers Comedy Club, YOO HOO ROOM  -Comedians Laboratory Burbank
Hey comedians and students here's your chance to work on a few new jokes in our comedy lab and get some instant feedback from other comedians.  Each person  performs several minutes of Stand up in front of other comedians and after the set is finished, they will get instant feedback.  This is a great supplement to our Flappers unievrsity Classes.   There is no admission charge for this lab, but please bring your sense of humor, jokes, thirst and your appetite because our Full Flappers Food and Beverage Menu is available for you to partake.   Stage Time depends on the amount of comedians who show up.  No pre-reservation required, just come on down to Flappers Comedy Club Burbank 102 E. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA  91502.  Free parking at the Sears parking lot across the street.  Contact:   Charlene Mae CharleneM@FlappersComedy.com   www.FlappersComedy.com  Call 818-845-9721.

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Tue 09/04/2012
Congratulations to Kate Huffman with Busting Out

Congratulations to Kate Huffman for coming in 1st place with Busting Out.
2nd place to Danny Cohen - Leader of the Pack
and 3rd place to Raging Artists with Gents.

Special reserve spot to Damon Wenker and Shelley Dennis. Fingers crossed!

See you guys in the finals! Sunday October 7th... Get your tickets here!

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Wed 08/29/2012
Joanie Coyote

Joanie teaches our Beginning and Intermediate Stand up Comedy Classes.

Joanie Coyote
Comedy Store
Laugh Factory
Laff Stop-Houston
Cap City Comedy-Austin

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Joanie Coyote has performed at some of the top comedy clubs in the country and has featured for comics such as Ron White, Wanda Sykes, George Lopez and Dave Attell.
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Fri 04/22/2011


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Thu 03/17/2011
Improv & Stand up: Good Comedians Do Both!

When I first starting doing comedy 15 years ago, there was a clear division between improv and stand up.  No doubt there are major differences.  Stand ups prepare their material and polish their jokes until they have it just right.  Improvisers literally clear their heads right before they go on stage.  Stand up's are on stage alone with just a mic.  Improvisers rely on their scene partners and they nearly tune out the audience.  

Now days having both skills is almost a must for young comedians.  And for good reason too.  Both arts steal from each other constantly!  Some stand ups are known for their ability to improvise.  I've seen stand ups throw away half their jokes to chase a bit that they are coming up with right on the spot.  And I've seen Improvisers break that fourth wall and engage the audience just like a stand up.  I've seen stand ups go after a heckler using the heckler as a sort of scene partner and build a moment that wasn't planned and would be tough to recreate.  And I've seen improvisers recognize an opportunity to deliver a monologue or a solo moment with the polish and timing of a stand up.  

Point is comedy is comedy.  And yeah there are differences between all the disciplines, but the goal is to make an audience laugh right?  So why not equip yourself with all the tools?  Bottom line is, stand ups take an improv class and improvisers take a stand up class.  And don't forget, Flappers University teaches both!   

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