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This 60 minute Documentary by comedian/filmmaker Dave Reinitz explores the Summer of 2005 when 17 Artists, 5 Interns, and the images of 90 women activists all came together to work on a 3,400 square foot mural entitled When Women Pursue Justice, at the corner of Nostrand and Greene in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. More than a historical commemoration of past achievements, When Women Pursue Justice reflects current concerns and ongoing efforts of today´s activist women. Artmakers hopes that the mural, exhibitions and catalogue will inspire women and men to work for justice, equality and peace throughout the 21st century. This documentary by Dave Reinitz, the son of the Mural Designer Janet Braun-Reinitz, captures the spirit and energy that went into creating this four-story masterpiece. "Painted images cannot stop wars or win the struggle for justice, but they are not irrelevant. They fortify and enrich the spirit of those who are committed to the struggle and help to educate those who are unaware." Eva Cockroft Co-Founder, Artmakers
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Produced by H2F Comedy Productions.  
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