Devyan DuMon
Winner: Best of Phoenix
Star of Indie Film
Paid Reg @ Hllywd Improv
Working Headliner

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*NOTE: I'm a Zen buddha .. this is how I bio. Devyan's from Then and resides here, Now, Earth, 3rd Rock, Blue Planet, the place the crew and passengers of Battlestar Galactica, he truly believes, will someday find and make their home. He evolves constantly. He writes differently than he performs, performs differently than he lives, & lives differently than he should. Can't write who he is cause once you read this, that person's gone. Can't write what he does, cause that depends on what you need done. But stay tuned folks, he's a bright and shining star, and someday I'll....damn....he'll make a name for himself. Or not, but whatever, he's pretty Zen.

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