Richie Stratton
Vans Warped Tour
Bridgetown Festival
Bend Or Contest Finalist
Paid comic in 48 states

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"Richie Stratton was the star. You could tell he´s done this stuff hundreds of times including on [a] previous Warped tour and has it down to a tee. He looks like a chipmunk and makes the most of it, endearing himself to everyone in the room with a dark, sharp, self-deprecating wit and a pronounced fondness for female mammaries. Sipping contentedly from his pint, he harked back to his meetings with the guidance counselor at school and his determination to find a job at which he´d only have to work minutes a day and could drink while doing so. That, I guess, is what makes it punk rock that these people have found a way to avoid the nine to five and maybe even make a living by doing what they enjoy naturally: making the rest of us laugh." -Tony Fletcher

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