Fever Jones
Writer, 'The Tick'
Comic Book writer

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FEVER JONES is one of those stand-up comedians you see at the Comedy Store, the Improv, and all over Los Angeles. He has his own vaudeville show, wowing audiences with delightful anecdotes and snippets of observational whimsy. He's funny, in a modest, unpresuming way that makes audiences like him. He always hopes they will want to give him large quantities of money along with that, but apparently modesty isn't an historical route to massive fortune. Nevertheless, he strives to meet his goals...both humorous and fiscal...with a modicum of life-appreciation and gusto. In addition to being a stand-up comedian, Michael is also a semi-famous cartoonist. The French love him. And he loves the French, of course. It's very quid pro quo there. For the record, he is very much against arson.

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