Funniest Housewives

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Delusional Housewife - Cindy Burns a 24 year old trapped in the body of a 54 year old confesses that she used to be the kind of girl that said "You can look but don't touch". Now she says, "You can touch but don't look!"
Trailer Trash Housewife - Vicki Barbolak Proudly she finally closed escrow… at the DMV!
Dysfunctional Housewife - Julie Kidd a single mom with three children who is too busy to cook. When she calls her kids to dinner, they run to the car!
The Lazy Housewife – Stephanie Blum who pulled her neck muscle… yawning!
Testosterone provided by the funniest husband and host of the show, Vince Harper. He´s been married for 28 years and says their sex life is magic... It's totally disappeared!

02/16/17 8PM Funniest Housewives
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank

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