Mike Hover
Cable Access Ch 19

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A big kid pretending to be an adult, my comedy celebrates what it means to be a geek/nerd/adult with childlike tendencies surviving in a world filled with "normals" and boring offices. A fun roller coaster of randomness, I poke fun at everything from relationships to my useless Star Trek trivia. I pride myself in clean humor and an impromptu style, making each show I do unique from the last. A former Californian, now living in Chicago, I've been entertaining folks all over the west and Midwest.
TV credits you ask? Well, maybe you saw me on the FOX network in 2008 taking my shirt off on The Wanda Sykes Show. No? How about me being a dinosaurs´ lunch in the Asylum Film "Age Of Dinosaurs", which aired on the SyFy channel and streamed on Netflix. No? Well they still count.

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