Justin Schlegel
Opens/ Harland Williams
Boston Comedy Festival


Standing roughly 6' 5" tall, and weighing in at well over 275 pounds of pure muscle, Justin has been known to lie about how big he is. Stand-up Comedian, Radio DJ, Voice-over Talent, Actor, and cat owner, Justin wears many hats, and each one is covered in feline dander. Apologies if you have allergies, but that's your burden to bear...not his. Hit cat "Mr. Whiskers" takes precedence over you.

Justin has performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival, the Detroit Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival, appeared on Lifetime Television's "Seriously Funny Kids", and has been seen on Toyota's national "Moving Forward" commercial campaign. Since moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2011, Justin (under management from The Collective) has been courted by CBS, FOX, and GSN for various projects, and now opens for nationally known comedian/actor Harland Williams (Rocketman, Dumb & Dumber, Half-Baked).

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