William Nave
Lady J Radio Show
93.5 K-Day w/ Yo-Yo
Laugh is Hope
Pechanga Resort & Casino


Born and raised Long Beach California; William Nave has always been perceive as the class clown in school. It was at this point of his life when William realized his love for the stage and comedy. In 2006 performing in Hollywood, California at the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset, and the Speckle Theater in Downtown San Diego, California. He also hosted at the Pasadena Ice House Annex Room "Laughing at life comedy tour". Soon after that William received a call from YO-YO at 93.5 K-DAY to do his Jessie Jackson impersonation, as he has a talent of singing and work´s with various voice impersonations. From heavy Southern accents, to Bernie Mac, Prince, etc... His impersonations are endless.

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