Bulge Enhancer- 3:30 Min


Every day, thousands of new gadgets flood the marketplace promising to make life better. Most them are scams sold by charlatans bought by nincompoops. But... a new product hitting the market now called "The Big Boy Bulge Enhancer"is guaranteeing men the appearance of a bigger crotch area. For a reasonably "small" investment, the Big Boy Bulge Enhancer is claiming to give the "little guy" a HUGE advantage.

But does it really work?

We´re hitting the beach to test it out. We're unitizing the expertise of a male swimsuit model who regularly spends lengthy periods "exposed" to the elements. Not that our male model thinks his bulge small but, just like money, food and sex, more is always better! During our "test" One teenage girl in particular manages to get a handle on it. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

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