Sandra Faye Hayes


Hi, Y´all. I learned early on that folks won´t beat you up while they´re laughing at you; so, I became a comedian. My first comic appearance was in Juvenile at age 12. After a police escort, I continued performing at Youth Prison until age 14. (I swear it was a bum rap–I´d started traveling extensively at age 11, and the powers that be said I was a "runaway" and sent me up the river). Most recently, I did a gig at the ICE HOUSE, and now…WATCH OUT FLAPPERS, HERE I COME! After struggling for a decade from an illness I was too stubborn to die from, I became a scared-to-death-to-be-in-public hermit–To flatten that button I enrolled in Stand Up Comedy School–I come to y´all from hiding under my bed to being adopted by my stand up teacher as one of her comedy babies.

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