Zach Tomlinson
Through the Wormhole
Game of Fails
Making the Grade
The TimeToaster Adventure


MIT educated in Bioengineering, and currently living in LA as an actor/comedian. His parents are... confused. Zach grew up in the middle of nowhere Oregon where he learned how to avoid rattlesnakes and pot farms. Always a giant person he played a lot of sports growing up, but was always to much of a pussy to try football. His coach was... confused. At college he discovered his love for entertainment and began writing and directing comedy videos as well as participating in the rather dismal, Boston standup scene. Now he lives in LA doing open mics, missing auditions, and trying to find an agent. He loves the business but often fails to understand why audiences don´t get his jokes about bipolar bears and transcendental numbers. Overall, he is just… confused.

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