Klift Karaffa
The Ice House
The Comedy Store
The Annoyance Theatre
The Second City


Born on Planet Earth and raised by wolves (sisters), Klift's comedy was forged in the rugged suburbs of Chicago where he was known as "that kid" and "that guy over there". After attending the Second City Conservatory and performing at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, Klift took himself to Los Angeles to be able to golf year around and not have to talk to anyone ever. After a long time of doing that, Klift decided to start telling his jokes in other places than in front of his mirror. Coming up Klift can be seen in his car, and on most afternoons at his job. Here are some of the excited reactions people have to Klift´s act: "He's tall...and kind of scares me, but funny" - guy who saw Klift. "He´s not funny." - Klift´s sister who hates him. "I don´t speak English." Some guy

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