Sarah Whitmore
Funny Divas for Autism
Jabari Davis 6west produc
Live at the Purple Onion


Sarah Whitmore, kindergarten teacher and comic, was born on the mean streets of Oakland. She now resides in bucolic yet unnerving "wine country". Sarah began studying and performing standup comedy with Kurtis Mathews at the San Francisco Comedy College. She has since studied and taken workshops with Will Franken, Sal Calani and Joan Fagan of Three Blonde Moms. Sarah performs regularly at The Purple Onion in San Francisco. Her comedy is a cocktail of sweet, dark and scathing commentary on the annoying aspects surrounding the cultures of women, health, parenting, foodies, wine enthusiasts, Green Living and the Politically Correct. Sarah is a bilingual educator and finds plenty of comic material listening to gringos speak Spanish. Notably, Sarah also performs over two impressions including her German Feminist Gynecologist.

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