Mike Cummings
Won 2009 Giggles Laff Off
Podcast \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Table for One\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

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Mike Cummings has been entrenched in comedy since 2005: living, breathing, eating, and sleeping stage time; even living above a comedy club for two years. All that work has paid off. He is a funny, well-respected Seattle comedian, and a winner of the Giggles Laff Off. Mike has a storyteller style of comedy. He is a recovering addict with more than twelve years clean. In his stand-up, he talks about his experiences with addiction and recover, his experiences with relationships and sex, his experiences with religion and politics. He shares his life on stage like it´s a 12-step meeting. You´ll laugh; he´ll cry; everyone will need a shower.

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