Geoff Schoenberg
The Comedy Store
I.O. West
The Moth
Stand Up New York
Gotham: Metropolitan Room


Geoff is a Comedian/Actor/Writer based in LA. He started in comedy at 2 years old when he got his family kicked out of Howard Johnson´s for 6 months after stripping off his clothes and jumping from table to table sampling the dishes in the process. Fortunately the rule in Geoff´s house was if it's funny you weren't in trouble, so everything worked out. Moving on from public nudity Geoff worked as an actor at a western theme park, where he honed a cast of characters and learned how to spin guns. He's pretty good at that. Also he became funny! He'll prove it! While at University of Delaware Geoff found his place in Student Theatre and Many bars around town. Since moving to LA Geoff attended Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, Upright Citizens Brigade, and runs "WHAT? NO! SHUT UP!" a live storytelling show.

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