Tony James


2008 Tony James began as a student of comedy while attending the Fat Doctor's Comedy Workshop Course, Wash. D.C.
The Fat Dr has now, for more than 3 decades, taught stand up comedy to notable acts such as Dave Chapelle, Patton Oswalt, and Martin Lawrence to name a few.
Now 7 years under the direct teachings of the Fat Dr, Tony James has risen from student to protege, becoming a regular at Jokes On Us in Laurel Maryland and Laugh Out Loud in Washington DC.
Overcoming the trials and tribulations of stand up comedy, Tony James receives positive crowd response by building a great relationship with his audience through story telling, one liners, and classic joke structure. Even his worst sets are considered good sets by most standards.
Now transplanted into Hollywood, California, Tony James continues his push to reach beyond the next level of funny.

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