Gerard Alvarez-Sandoval
Flappers Comedy Club


Gerardo Alvarez-Sandoval was born and raised in Reynosa Tamaulipas Mexico, the "Cartel" war zone in the Mexico/US border. He went to Mexican catholic private schools until he and his family were forced to leave the country due to the violence and extortion. Searching for a new beginning the Alvarez family had to start from 0. 0 money,0 respect, 0 support and lets be honest 0 legal documentation. Gerardo ethic of work and passion was evident through fighting and the arts. At the age of 17 he was a featuring comic at the local prestigious comedy club in McAllen Tx "Cine El Rey" and National champion in the olympic sport of Judo. Gerardos sense of humor how ever is not predictable and ethnic but surreal, aggressive and honest. He is currently a performing artist and writer in LA that is fearless to reach to his audience through his comedy.

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