Charlie Farr
Axe Campaign w/Mike Tyson
Comcast Superbowl Spot
Geico \"That's Amazing\"
A Malibu Horror Story


If Michael Cera, Orlando Bloom (circa Lord of the Rings), and Napoleon Dynamite had a love child, it´d be Charlie Farr. Charlie grew up in a small town in New Jersey where he worked with children in after-school programs for the YMCAs and played competitive tennis. A strange mix of comedy, awkwardness, and pure sex appeal, Charlie is sure to be the next hit in the world of film and television. Best known for his "That´s Amazing" face in Geico commercials and current International Axe campaign with Mike Tyson, he´s moving on in hopes of landing a sitcom pilot for next season, and is the lead in the short comedic film SCORE, which premiered at the 2012 San Diego Film Festival. With over 6 years experience, Charlie is an Improv actor at heart, but is making his way into standup to see if he's got what it takes.

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