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Ziggy Klett is the illegitimate son of a Viking Prince. He lays claim to everything yet has starred in nothing. Born in the deep north his earliest memories are of roaming the central Savannah's of Wisconsin field testing chain link thongs with his brother Chip. Even today those powerful images cause him to weep openly. Savagely beaten by an insane mother, his childhood descended into a disturbing pattern of dumpster fires and watching Jeopardy. Bodies of water was his best category. His saving grace of stand up was discovered while tormenting a fellow 2nd grader over their inability to spell perspicacious. Some call it bullying he called it performance art. Despite his involvement in an embarrassing point shaving scandal involving the quiz bowl team he graduated with appropriate anonymity. His matriculation from a major Midwestern land grant university was marred by profuse drinking and occasional sodomy.

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