Josh Wilmarth
Atomic Bomb Comedy
The 5150 Show
Uptown Comedy Throwdown

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Coming from humble beginnings as a stable-boy on a Furby« farm in Kansas, Josh Wilmarth always knew he was destined for okayness. It wasn't until his admittance into the ComedySportz High School League when his love for performing comedy was furnished [and i mean fully furnished, with an ottoman and everything]. After high school he was assimilated into the uber-elite independent improv group, Atomic Bomb Comedy, where he truly blossomed into his niche not only as a performer, but also as a producer of short comedy videos. These days he can be seen trying his hand at stand-up comedy, performing alongside such reputable names as Lenny Bruce, Red Skeleton, and Jerry Seinfeld [at least, that's what they said their names were]. Don't hate.

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