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Lara started her career in show business as a violinist in Disney´s All-American Orchestra until she got in trouble for repeatedly telling a joke with the punch line, "Pinocchio can!" After several mediocre attempts of varying success at other forms of entertainment, Lara found her true calling in musical comedy. Lara has since performed at: The Comedy Store, Westside Comedy Theater, One-Eyed Gypsy and a ton of other places you´ve never heard of and probably wouldn´t want to visit anyway. She also plays "Sister Margarita" in her Two Hoes & a Fiddle act. Lara still does the occasional musical gig at an old folks home or on the top of a hill. She's pretty much a whore in that respect.

05/13/18 9PM Mad Moms
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank

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