Bebe Queen


Born and raised in the city of Pacoima back in the 80's, she is the first Latina from the East San Fernando Valley to follow Richie Valens and Danny Trejo into the entertainment world from Pacoima. She moved to Kern county's biggest little city, Bakersfield in '08. This meant new job opportunities along with crazy roommates, party animal mom and gangstah relatives. In the midst of all this, she still juggles to keep everyone happy at home, work and kids while trying to date younger guys. This Valley Girl from next door is now back in the hood coming at you with night-life situations and life-changing experiences. The struggle is all too real, giving the middle finger to the face of everything that's wrong. She is real, proud, broke, cheerful, hot, big booty and looking for a nice dude to make her happy to be back in LA.

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