Jai Yunae
Flappers Open Mic

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Jai Yunae's comic career officially began the day before this profile was filled out--in other words, she's like super, super new. So there's that. But other than that, Jai has also been acting for two years and recently moved from Arizona to pursue the dream of creating great characters in great films. She loves long walks on the beach. Sometimes she enjoys coffee at sunrise. She loves snuggling in front of a fire on a cold day. Now, insert "with her husband and dog" after each sentence before this. Most of the sentences are still true. Jai is also a hip hop artist. Lovelution is her first album set to release in May 2014. She intends to continue her path down the comedy road and see where it takes her. To act, I live, To live, I act. Laughter is just breathing correctly. JY

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