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Brian grew up in Prince George's county Maryland, riding the bus to school where comedy was the ultimate factor in deciding social status. Mostly, he just tried to avoid being embarrassed by the popular kids and the foul-mouthed big-banged girls that followed them. But he was learning by osmosis, picking up on what was funny and what was just swagger, which jokes made everybody laugh, and which ones just unified the cool clique in their superiority. He couples this experience with the pop culture expertise of a TMZ veteran to write material that's incisive, ridiculous, and surprising.
He's got the seat at the back of the bus now, everyone's laughing, and if you get ripped, well... you deserved it.
He graduated from USC, wrote for the CBS Diversity Showcase, and currently appears on TMZ and TMZ Sports.

05/07/17 9PM Ryan Stout
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room
05/30/17 7PM The Show
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room
08/20/17 5PM TBD
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank

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