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Randy and Jason Sklar began as one zygote and later guest starred in many TV shows, including an Emmy Award winning episode of HBO´s Curb Your Enthusiasm,the FX hit It´s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as well as Adult Swim´s Childrens´ Hospital.They starred as conjoined twins in a memorable episode of Grey´s Anatomy and as warring agents on HBO´s Entourage.They currently host the critically acclaimed History Channel docu-comedy that highlights the ways in which statistics tell the story of America called The United Stats of America. In Nov. 2006 they wrapped Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic. The Onion A.V. Club named their latest comedy CD Hendersons And Daughters in their Top 10 Comedy albums of 2011. Randy and Jason currently reside in Los Angeles, where they record their popular weekly sports comedy podcasts Sklarbro Country and Sklarbro County for

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