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Vivicca A. Whitsett is an actress, comedian, and labor activist. Whitsett has appeared on several television shows and on standup stages across the country. Vivicca was rolled down a crater in a giant metal gerbil cage on 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow (episode #4) and she crashed into giant bowling pins in a car for ABC's Crash Course. Whitsett has had roles in Big Shots, Space Jam, ER, Escape from LA, Crash Course, Deal or No Deal, Miss Match, K Street, Malcom & Eddie among others. Vivicca is the current 2012-15 National Spokesperson for Novolog/Nordisk's FlexPen and has a 30-feet ad in Times Square. Vivicca performed at 2014 Gilda Ratner's LaughFest in Grand Rapids, Michigan and hosts a comedic on-line hourly talk radio show with her co-host Grace Fraga entitled "What the H...with Vi & Grace" on Radio For Divas. She currently resides in West Hollywood, California.

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