Nick Chilson
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Nick has been performing stand-up, musical, and improvisational comedy for over a month. In fact, he´s been doing it for three years. Getting his start in the cutthroat comedic landscape of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Nick quickly made a splash on the suburban open mic scene – a splash so big that it washed Nick and his hilarious jokes all the way to Duke University. Here befriended only by the weirdos of Duke University Improv, Nick isolated himself over the next three years in pursuit of comedy. The result? A solid hour of material (including traditional stand-up, goofy songs, and celebrity impressions) and a carefully maintained virginity. Is Nick Stephen Lynch reincarnate? No, because Stephen Lynch is still alive. Is Nick a young Bo Burnham? No, because they´re the same age. But is Nick a comedic genius the likes of which have never been seen? Only time will tell…

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