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The Gym, founded in 2010 by Sofia Gonzalez, Chris Eckert, and Navaris Darson, was a low-key environment where performers could ´work out´ their improv skills. It successfully brought together talented guys and girls who wanted to practice short form improv, long form and sketch comedy.
Our background is largely based out of The Groundlings, each member having a history of performing there. Additional training from Second City, IO West, and UCB.
The Gym is known for our love of themed shows. Shows typically are related to a season, "We Wish You A Merry Gym-mas" or just random, "M. Night Shyamalan presents: Fools April."
This 16 member group, now led by Selyna Greenman, includes Daniel Acker, Cammy Brickell, Dominic Burgess, Ilana Cohn-Sullivan, Kimberly Condict, Sara Cravens, Josh Duvendeck, Chris Eckert, Sofia Gonzalez, Jessica Green, Dakota Greene, Patty Guggenheim, Cooper Hopkins, Laura Hughes, and Joey Mackey.

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