Gian Franco Tordi
Ford vs. Ferrari
Monday Morning
Ocean's Twelve
The Good German
Luigi (Play)

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Gian Franco is an American comedian and actor, born in St. Moritz Switzerland to Italian parents. He grew up in Italy and Switzerland and now resides in LA. Gian Franco embodies diversity on all fronts. Through his cultural origins and internationality, eccentric nature and physical features, to the lovable, passionate and dynamic character he plays in his comedy. Gian Franco´s early memories of doing comedy included routine walks with his grandfather. When he was only 5 or 6 years old, his grandfather would place him onto podiums or elevated places during their walks together and Gian would be asked to recite small comedic pieces to entertain and inspire those passing by them on the streets of Italy. "I'm international, with an Italian upbringing and lots of adventures and experiences. And now, I am also a proud and passionate American, and that's what my comedy is all about." Gian Franco

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