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Congo-rooted, Julien Tshikuna (Chee-koo-na) grew up in Belgium. The last offspring of a very famous Boxer in Congo. This Afro-Euro-American stand-up comedian is unique in style and his comedic timing is amazing. His background is very diverse with many places and experiences to draw from, that is guaranteed to please any audience. You can definitely expect the unexpected and be entertained with his interesting perspective from around the world to any open stage. After a promising career in Paris and Brussels, both on stage and in film, Julien decided to fast forward his dream and start from scratch in America. The miraculous pool of hilarious situations accumulated by an African kid who grew up under the ever-grey, fried food scented skies of his dear old Brussels. He became a very outrageously funny character named Julien Tshikuna.

10/21/21 10PM Thirsty Thursdays
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank - Main Room

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