Tanissia Sprull
The Comedy Store
The Garvin Theatre


Tanissia Sprull is a Stand Up comedian. Born in West Germany, but raised in South Carolina.Often bullied for not fitting in with the black kids and “sounding” white, she felt like an outsider. After high school she married her white Jewish boyfriend, while converting to Judaism she discovered he was an atheist. Which led to their divorce. In 2011 she ended up homeless, sleeping on Venice beach, under the Hollywood Sign, and eventually in a broken-down RV. Having lived, firsthand, with the disparities between class and race she is on a mission to use her comedy to help bridge the gap between "Black and White". Inspired by Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. She is an organizer with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and has learned to embrace her diversity within the black community Follow her on Instagram @TanissiaSprull

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