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Hung Yung Terrarist is an American comedian, singer-songwriter, rapper, writer, actor and producer. When the Uber driver pulls up and asks if she´s "Hung," "so hung" is usually the response. Her one woman show, "Terra Is A Warm Gun," is a counter-culture collection of vignettes, poems and musical selections from her last 4 records, with catchy numbers like "Big Titted Cows," "Everybody´s Got An African Baby," and "I´d Rather Be A Hooker (Than Live With My Mother)." Her latest album, the self-titled "Hung Yung Terrarist" record, was crafted by MPC 3000 producer beat - boi Darryl Swann, in collaboration with K-Embry, from pure vinyl samples. Hung's music has a unique brand and is heavily influenced by her theatre experience (or is it vice versa?).

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