Crystalle Ramey
2020 Ultimate Comic
Finalist - 2020 NYCUGCF
Producer, The 22 Tour

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Crystalle Ramey
Failed Astronaut, Expert Marksman
Originally from Charlotte NC, Stand Up Comedian Crystalle Ramey took a comedy class several years ago to overcome a fear of microphones; onset by a debilitating experience in a Middle School talent show that left her running off stage, crying for her mommy. Although she no longer fears microphones, she still confidently cries for her mommy after every show. #therapy
Due to a failed depth-perception test, Crystalle missed her opportunity to fulfill her dream to become an astronaut. She quickly pivoted and became a marksmanship coach in the Marine Corps. She's now a veteran (and will tell you about it - Marines are worse than vegans) who produces a comedy tour (The 22 Tour) dedicated to leverage the healing power of laughter to put an end to the 22 (daily) military suicides. The tour showcases all veteran comedians and is nationwide.

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