Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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Live Feed from the Flappers Bar

Tour Calendar MONTH VIEW
11/28/2015 6:30PM Private Event    Drew Lynch  
12/02/2015 11:15AM Burbank High School  Burbank, CA  Drew Lynch  
12/09/2015 9:00PM Eureka College  Eureka, IL  Kristin Key  
12/13/2015 6:00PM Nashville Zanies  Nashville, TN  Drew Lynch  
12/23/2015 8:00PM BCF Regional Showcase - Rooster T Feathers  Sunnyvale, CA  Dave Reinitz  
12/31/2015 10:00PM Private Event     Drew Lynch  
01/01/2016 8:00PM Crackers Indianapolis   Indianapolis, IN  Drew Lynch  
01/01/2016 8:00PM Newberry College  Newberry, SC  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/03/2016 5:00PM Crackers Indianapolis Family Friendly Show   Indianapolis, IN  Drew Lynch  
01/12/2016 8:00PM Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC    Rob Rasner  
01/12/2016 8:00PM Texas A&M University-Commerce  Commerce, TX  Jose Barrientos  
01/12/2016 8:00PM Utah Valley University  Orem, UT  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/14/2016 7:00PM Back to School Comedy Night Taylor Tomlinson   Logan, UT  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/15/2016 7:30PM Dixie State University  Saint George, UT  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/16/2016 8:00PM Worcester Polytechnic Institute  Worcester, MA  D.J. Demers  
01/20/2016 8:00PM The University of Central Missouri  Warrensburg, MO  D.J. Demers  
01/21/2016 8:00PM Avila University  Kansas City, MO  D.J. Demers  
01/22/2016 7:30PM College of Southern Idaho  Twin Falls, ID  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/22/2016 8:00PM Truman State University  Kirksville, MO  D.J. Demers  
01/23/2016 8:00PM Saginaw Valley State University  University, MI  Samuel J Comroe  
01/24/2016 8:00PM AERCO INTN CORP PARTY  Blauvelt, NY  Drew Lynch  
01/24/2016 8:00PM University of Saint Mary Leavenworth  Leavenworth, KS  D.J. Demers  
01/25/2016 8:00PM Southeast Missouri State University  Cape Girardeau, MO  D.J. Demers  
01/26/2016 7:00PM Washburn University  Topeka, Ka  D.J. Demers  
01/26/2016 8:00PM University of Wisconsin- Stout  Menomonie, WI  Kel Mitchell  
01/26/2016 8:00PM Comedy Night   Hayward, CA  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/27/2016 8:00PM Upper Iowa University  Fayette, IA  Kel Mitchell  
01/27/2016 7:30PM Drew Lynch at West Palm Beach Improv  West Palm Beach , FL  Drew Lynch  
01/27/2016 9:00PM Baker University  Baldwin City, KS  D.J. Demers  
01/28/2016 8:00PM Helium Comedy Club Philly  Philadelphia, PA  Drew Lynch  
01/28/2016 9:00PM University of Dubuque  Dubuque, IA  Kel Mitchell  
01/28/2016 7:30PM Fort Hays State University  Hays, KS  D.J. Demers  
01/28/2016 7:00PM New Mexico State University  Las Cruces, NM  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/28/2016 8:00PM Fort Hays State University  Hays, KS  The Show  
01/29/2016 8:00PM Cornell College  Mount Vernon, IA  Kel Mitchell  
01/29/2016 8:00PM Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott  Prescott, AZ  Taylor Tomlinson  
01/29/2016 8:00PM Illinois Wesleyan University  Bloomington, IL  D.J. Demers  
01/31/2016 7:00PM Improv -Irvine  Irvine, CA  Drew Lynch  
02/01/2016 9:00PM Pennsylvania State University - Berks  Reading, PA  Taylor Tomlinson  
02/02/2016 8:00PM Silver Lake College  Manitowoc, WI  Kel Mitchell  
02/03/2016 8:00PM University of Wisconsin- Green Bay  Green Bay, WI  Kel Mitchell  
02/03/2016 8:00PM SUNY New Paltz  New Paltz, NY  D.J. Demers  
02/03/2016 8:00PM CSU Fresno  Fresno, CA  Drew Lynch  
02/04/2016 8:00PM New England College  Henniker, NH  D.J. Demers  
02/04/2016 10:00PM University of Iowa  Iowa City, IA  Kel Mitchell  
02/05/2016 8:00PM Loras College  Dubuque, IA  Kel Mitchell  
02/06/2016 8:00PM Union County Performing Arts Center  Rahway, NJ  Drew Lynch  
02/06/2016 7:00PM Clarke University  Dubuque, IA  Kel Mitchell  
02/07/2016 8:00PM Peru State College  Peru, NE  Kel Mitchell  
02/11/2016 5:15PM The Up Experience  Bellaire, TX  Drew Lynch  
02/11/2016 5:00PM Marshall University  Huntington, WV  Taylor Tomlinson  
02/12/2016 8:00PM The Joke Joint- Houston   Houston, TX  Jose Barrientos  
02/12/2016 8:00PM Chuckles Comedy Club  Corpus Christi, TX  Drew Lynch  
02/16/2016 8:00PM Dakota State University   Madison, SD  Kel Mitchell  
02/16/2016 7:00PM East Tennessee State University  Johnson City, TN  Drew Lynch  
02/17/2016 8:00PM Drew Lynch at Bethany College  Bethany, WV  Drew Lynch  
02/17/2016 7:00PM Black Hills State University  Spearfish, SD  Kel Mitchell  
02/18/2016 8:00PM Goodnights Comedy Club  Raleigh, , NC  Drew Lynch  
02/18/2016 9:00PM Dakota Wesleyan University  Mitchell, SD  Kel Mitchell  
02/19/2016 10:00PM Southwestern University  Gerogetown, TX  Taylor Tomlinson  
02/19/2016 8:00PM Augustana College   Rock Island, IL  Kel Mitchell  
02/21/2016 8:00PM Kel Mitchell at William Patterson University   Wayne, NJ  Kel Mitchell  
02/23/2016 8:00PM Bradley University  Peoria, IL  Kristin Key  
02/25/2016 8:00PM Chuckles Comedy Club  Corpus Christi, TX  Kel Mitchell  
02/25/2016 8:00PM Wake Forest   Winston-Salem, NC  Drew Lynch  
02/26/2016 8:00PM Bethany College West Virginia  Bethany, WV  Drew Lynch  
02/27/2016 8:30PM Mid-State Aluminum Corp. Annual Service Awards Dinner Party  Fond du lac, WI  Drew Lynch  
02/29/2016 8:00PM Montana State University - Northern  Havre, MT  Taylor Tomlinson
D.J. Demers  
03/01/2016 7:00PM Montana State University Billings  Billings, MT  Taylor Tomlinson
D.J. Demers  
03/02/2016 8:00PM Funny Bone - Syracuse  Syracuse, NY  Drew Lynch  
03/02/2016 8:00PM Montana State University - Bozeman  Bozeman, MT  Taylor Tomlinson
D.J. Demers  
03/03/2016 8:00PM Lewis-Clark State  Lewiston, ID  Taylor Tomlinson
D.J. Demers  
03/03/2016 8:00PM Funny Bone - Albany  Albany, NY  Drew Lynch  
03/04/2016 7:00PM Mohawk Valley Community College, 1101 Sherman Dr, Utica NY 13501    Drew Lynch  
03/05/2016 7:00PM Brandeis University  Waltham, MA  Dat Phan  
03/05/2016 9:00PM University of New England  Biddeford, ME  Drew Lynch  
03/06/2016 7:00PM Funny Bone - Hartford  Central Manchester, CT  Drew Lynch  
03/10/2016 8:00PM Helium comedy Club Portland  Portland, OR  Drew Lynch  
03/14/2016 8:00PM Westminster College  Fulton, MO  D.J. Demers  
03/17/2016 7:00PM Wealthy Theatre  Grand Rapids, MI  Drew Lynch  
03/17/2016 8:00PM Methodist University  Fayetteville, NC  D.J. Demers  
03/17/2016 7:00PM Gildas LaughFest  Grand Rapids, , MI  Drew Lynch  
03/18/2016 9:00AM Isadore Newman School  New Orleans, LA  Taylor Tomlinson  
03/20/2016 6:00PM Delphos Optimist Club  Delphos, OH  Drew Lynch  
03/21/2016 8:00PM Xavier University  Cincinnati, OH  Kristin Key  
03/22/2016 9:00PM University of Indianapolis   Indianapolis, IN  Kristin Key  
03/23/2016 8:00PM Tiffin University   Tiffin, OH  Kristin Key  
03/23/2016 8:00PM Converse College  Spartanburg, SC  Taylor Tomlinson  
03/24/2016 8:30PM Side Splitters Thur 24th 830pm  Tampa, FL  Drew Lynch  
03/24/2016 8:00PM TBD_University of Florida Gainesville  Gainesville, FL  D.J. Demers  
03/24/2016 7:30PM Lander University  Greenwood, SC  Taylor Tomlinson  
03/24/2016 8:00PM Western Michigan University  Kalamazoo, MI  Kristin Key  
03/25/2016 8:00PM Embry Riddle Aeronautical University  Daytona Beach, FL  D.J. Demers  
03/25/2016 8:00PM Side Splitters Fri 25th 8pm & 1015pm  Tampa, FL  Drew Lynch  
03/26/2016 6:00PM Side Splitters Sat 26th 6pm, 8pm & 1015pm  Tampa, FL  Drew Lynch  
03/27/2016 5:00PM Side Splitters Sun 27th 5pm  Tampa, FL  Drew Lynch  
03/30/2016 8:00PM Spokane Falls Community College  Spokane Falls, WA  Taylor Tomlinson  
03/31/2016 8:00PM University of Washington Tacoma  Tacoma, WA  Taylor Tomlinson  
03/31/2016 8:00PM Urbana University  Urbana, OH  Kel Mitchell  
04/01/2016 8:00PM Pacific University  Forest Grove, OR  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/01/2016 8:00PM Miami University of Ohio  Oxford, OH  Kel Mitchell  
04/01/2016 8:00PM Morehead State University  Morehead, KY  D.J. Demers
Samuel J Comroe
Preferred Parking Comedy Tour  
04/02/2016 8:00PM Linfield College  McMinnville, OR  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/05/2016 9:00PM Rockhurst University  Kansas City, MO  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/06/2016 8:00PM Oregon Institute of Technology  Klamath Falls, OR  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/07/2016 6:00PM Centralia College   Centralia, WA  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/07/2016 8:00PM Culver-Stockton College  Canton, MO  Kel Mitchell  
04/07/2016 8:00PM Off the Hook Comedy Club  Naples, FL  Drew Lynch  
04/07/2016 7:00PM United Way of Blair County  Altoona, PA  Drew Lynch  
04/07/2016 12:00AM NACA Northern Plains - Conference  Saint Paul, MN   
04/08/2016 8:00PM Western Oregon University  Monmouth, OR  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/08/2016 8:00PM Missouri University of Science & Technology  Rolla , MO  Kel Mitchell  
04/14/2016 9:00PM Davenport University  Grand Rapids, MI  D.J. Demers  
04/16/2016 8:00PM Central Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women  Hollidaysburg, PA  Drew Lynch  
04/17/2016 8:00PM University of Illinois Springfield  Springfield, IL  Kristin Key  
04/21/2016 8:00PM Hamline University  St. Paul, MN  Taylor Tomlinson  
04/21/2016 2:00PM Annual Caregivers Benefit   Erie , PA  Drew Lynch  
04/21/2016 7:00PM Jrs Last Laugh Comedy Club  Erie, PA  Drew Lynch  
04/27/2016 8:00PM Maryville University  St. Louis, MO  Taylor Tomlinson  
05/06/2016 8:00PM LAHC  Dearborn, MI  Drew Lynch  
05/07/2016 8:00PM Comedy for a Cause  Greenville, SC  Drew Lynch  
05/12/2016 8:00PM Tommy T's Steakhouse  Pleasanton, CA  Drew Lynch  
05/15/2016 8:00PM Millikin University  Decatur, IL  Kristin Key  
06/29/2016 11:00AM Travel and Transport, Inc.  Santa Fe, NM  Drew Lynch
Samuel J Comroe
Preferred Parking Comedy Tour  
09/01/2016 8:00PM Friends University  Wichita, KS  D.J. Demers  
09/01/2016 8:00PM Kansas State University  Manhattan, KS  D.J. Demers  
09/01/2016 8:00PM Fort Lewis College  Durango, CO  Taylor Tomlinson  
09/15/2016 8:00PM Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott  Prescott, AZ  D.J. Demers  
09/17/2016 6:00PM Tropicana Las Vegas  Las Vegas, NV  Drew Lynch