Tour Calendar MONTH VIEW
04/07/2017 8:00PM Washington State University  Pullman, WA  Paige Wesley  
04/05/2017 8:00PM University of Wisconsin- La Crosse  La Crosse, WI  Drew Lynch  
04/06/2017 9:00PM University of Iowa   Iowa City, IA  Drew Lynch  
02/28/2017 7:00PM University of Georgia Campus Escapes  Los Angeles , CA  brotherTHE
Cheri Hodge  
03/02/2017 7:00PM Twin Pine Casino  Acton, CA  D.J. Demers  
05/11/2017 7:30PM The Joke Joint Comedy Club- MSP  St Paul, MN  Kel Mitchell  
02/24/2017 6:15PM Suny Comedy Night with DJ Demers   Syracuse, NY  D.J. Demers  
04/12/2017 10:00PM Simpson College  Indianola, IA  D.J. Demers  
03/31/2017 8:00PM Saint Josephs College of Maine  Standish, ME  Ryan Niemiller  
04/28/2017 8:00PM Roger Williams University  Bristol, RI  Ryan Niemiller  
03/29/2017 8:00PM Ontario Improv  Ontario, CA  Kel Mitchell  
03/31/2017 7:00PM Northern State University  Aberdeen, SD  Drew Lynch  
04/01/2017 10:15PM Newcomer Center    D.J. Demers  
04/28/2017 8:00PM Nazareth College  Rochester, NY  Kel Mitchell  
04/04/2017 8:00PM Minot State University  Minot, ND  Drew Lynch  
03/07/2017 8:00PM Levity Live Oxnard  Oxnard, CA  D.J. Demers  
09/20/2017 8:00PM Lake Land College  Mattoon, IL  Jose Barrientos  
03/22/2017 8:00PM Kel Mitchell at Levity Live   Oxnard, CA  Kel Mitchell  
09/14/2017 8:00PM Joke Joint Houston  Houston, TX  D.J. Demers  
10/20/2017 12:00PM Hilton Garden Inn Troy NY    Laura Hayden  
04/22/2017 8:00PM Hands and Voices Guide by your Side  Naperville, IL  D.J. Demers  
03/01/2017 8:00PM Gold Country Casino  Acton, CA  D.J. Demers  
04/14/2017 8:00PM Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott  Prescott, AZ  D.J. Demers  
02/27/2017 8:00PM Eastern Connecticut State University  Willimantic, CT  D.J. Demers  
02/23/2017 7:30PM Comedy for a Cause Fundraiser  Birmingham, AL  D.J. Demers  
05/19/2017 7:00PM Comedy Palace  San Diego, CA  Kel Mitchell  
03/07/2017 3:30PM Campus Escapes - University of Missouri St Louis  Los Angeles , CA  brotherTHE  
03/09/2017 8:00PM Campus Escapes - Stanford University  Stanford, CA  Cheri Hodge  
03/08/2017 11:00AM Campus Escapes - Parkland College  Los Angeles , CA  brotherTHE  
03/01/2017 5:00PM Campus Escapes - Duke University  Los Angeles , CA  brotherTHE  
08/26/2017 8:00PM Alma College  Alma, MI  Jose Barrientos