Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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  STAND UP: CLAREMONT Beg/Intermediate
Instructor:  Ken Pringle
Session: 11/11/2014 - 12/16/2014

6 Weeks
Showcase Date: TBD
Class Time(s): 7:30PM - 10:30PM
Class Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Flappers Comedy Club Claremont
532 W First Street , Claremont, CA 91711
Cost: $350.00EnrollBuy Now
At Flappers University we believe that stand up comedy is truly an art-form. As with any art-form stand up comedy incorporates raw talent and technique; talent can be lost without technique. You can´t be a good basketball player if you can´t dribble. So we teach dribbling first, by dribbling, we mean joke structure, the basic language of comedy. We also believe that being personal and authentic is what makes a great comedian. By building a foundation of the basics and then providing a safe and fun environment to work authentically, we create an environment for new comedians to be successful. Whether you are looking to become a professional working comedian, or need a little help with that next presentation, or maybe you just want to come and have some fun: Let´s us help you find the path to funny.

Emcee skills, the business of comedy, marketing and promoting stand up comedy, producing Live comedy events, breaking into the college market, riffing, tagging, joke writing, finding your voice, creating character, improv and sketch, working the crowd, understanding your audience, character development, and personalizing your material are all techniques we work on. Come and join us for some laughs.
Ken Pringle

InAPPropriate Comedy MTV's Yo Momma TLC's Fakin' It Spike TV's I Hate My Job

"High-energy"... "Hilarious"... and, most often, "So true!" - these are some of the most common terms fans have used again and again to describe Ken´s popular and personal brand of stand-up comedy. A hit among both blue-collar and white-collar fans alike, Ken is a proud member of what he describes as the "Lost Boys" - those awkward-but-loveable men who never seem to fully grow up. A man-child and a geek, Ken´s comedy is absolutely littered with acerbic wit and memorable pop culture references; like so many of his outcast Gen-X brethren, Ken´s brand of humor makes it painfully and hilariously apparent that he´s far more comfortable learning video game codes and movie quotes than attempting to understand anything about the mysteries of the opposite sex.