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  ONE DAY: How (and why) to Get a Comedy Manager
Instructor:  Randi Siegel
Class: ONE DAY: How (and why?) to Get a Comedy Manager
Class Dates : Sat‑05/30/2015
Showcase Date: TBD
Class Time(s): 1:00PM - 4:00PM
Class Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Flappers Comedy University - Waldorf Room
118 E. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91502
Cost: $75.00EnrollBuy Now
For every movie made, every television show produced and every play or stand up show performed there are key people guiding the talent and making the deals. The world of representation includes Agents, Managers, Lawyers, Publicists and Business Managers and when you reach superstar fame, you may have all of those people on your team. Ideally, you´d be making enough money to pay for all of those people, but what if you´re not a superstar yet? What if you´re barely getting auditions or club spots and have no representation? Do you need an Agent more than you need a Manager or is it the other way around? What if you have an Agent and are getting some things moving but think you might now need a Manager? Is a Manager the person who´s supposed to get you more club gigs? What can a Manager bring to the table, who do you trust, and how much should you be paying him/her?

If any of these questions speak to you, then this seminar is not to be missed. Taught by Manager/Producer Randi Siegel (see bio below), you´ll gain an understanding of the different areas of talent representation, how each one functions in the scope of your career, what they get paid, your rights as a client, the pros and cons of having a manager (especially for comedians), what managers are looking for from talent, and how to manage your representation relationship expectations. Randi teaches a 15 week course at Boston University called "Talent Representation and Contracts," but is bringing the best information to you in this one time, 3 hour seminar for comedians and talent at all levels.

If you´re ready to have your professional dreams come to fruition by understanding how to make representation work for you, then sign up now and we´ll see you on August 30th.

This class is taught by Randi Siegel. She is the owner of Randi Siegel Entertainment, a production, consulting and talent management company. While most known for launching and developing the career of Jimmy Fallon, Siegel currently represents Golden Globe and Grammy nominated Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Frank Stallone, and she works with comedians on the development of their material from stage to screen. Siegel recently produced 13 episodes of Stallone´s live radio show/podcast "The Frank Effect" on Playboy Radio, and she served as the Story Editor for "Rescuing Santa," a Finnish series for YLE (2014).

Siegel has returned to management after a decade long hiatus, during which she became the EVP of Talent & Development at National Lampoon and twice worked for Comic Relief, including serving as an Associate Producer for "Tony Clifton Live at the Comedy Store" (2010) and as the Head of Special Projects and Marketing Initiatives for Comic Relief 2006 on HBO. She had the distinct honor of working with legend Fred Silverman as his Executive in Charge of Alternative Comedy Programming and, prior to her return to management, Siegel jumped into the social media world as the Director of Comedy Relations & Content at Myspace, where she oversaw and implemented new comedy content and talent outreach & partnership initiatives. It was there that she created and produced MYSPACE NEWS, a parody interview series that was touted as "The Best Thing From Myspace Ever" by Business Insider and introduced Clippers superstar, Blake Griffin, as a comedic talent.

Having started out of college (Denver University) as the receptionist for famed talent manager Bernie Brillstein, Siegel came up through the ranks with one of the top management and production companies in the business where she worked closely with the career development of clients such as David Spade, Adam Sandler, Bob Saget, Rob Schneider and Andy Dick, as well as new talent. After 5 years, Siegel formed her own management company and launched and developed the careers of many talents, including Fallon from obscurity through SNL, film, records and books. Siegel is also credited with being the script supervisor for 3 comedy albums including: Pauly Shore´s "Pink Diggly Diggly" (Priority), Adam Sandler´s "What the Hell Happened to Me?" (Warner) and Sandler´s "What´s Your Name?" (Warner), and she co-created and supervised production of Jimmy Fallon´s humor book "I Hate This Place" (co-written w/Gloria Fallon, TV Books).

Siegel recently completed in her 7th year as an adjunct professor for Boston University (BU in LA), teaching Talent Representation and Contracts, which was ranked #6 on The Daily Beast´ Hottest College Courses in the Country list (2011). She is a guest lecturer, panelist and moderator for many areas of entertainment from talent and content development, pitching and production to branding and social media strategies. Her expansive background has afforded her the opportunity to work with all areas of representation, production, studios and networks and she can bring multi-faceted points of view to light when working with talent on career development and strategy.

Siegel, herself, is not very funny.

Randi Siegel

Comic Relief 2006 EVP TalentDevelop-Nat Lam

CEO at Randi Siegel Entertainment, Creative Consultant at Comic Relief, Adjunct Professor - BU in LA ("Talent Representation & Contracts") at Boston University