ONE DAY: Intro to Voice Over
Showcase Date: TBD
Class Time(s): 4:00PM - 4:00PM
Class Duration:
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Have you watched a cartoon or listened to a radio ad or heard the announcer in the trailers for your favorite movies and thought to yourself 'I wonder if I could do that?' Well, wonder no more - this one-day workshop is your perfect introduction to the world of Voice Over!

This One-Day Intro to Voice Over workshop is taught by the VO pros at Edge Studio; we will help you to understand what makes YOUR voice stand out from the crowd and explore your niche from all the different genres of V.O., from commercials to animation, from eLearning to audio books. This class can serve as a prep, and step towards making your demo, or as an exploration of your specific skill set.

Edge Studio is actively looking for L.A voiceover talent, and is excited to include YOUR voice on their roster!

This class is taught by Noelle Romano. As voice director on PBS's Emmy-award winning 'WordWorld', Noelle worked with an array of amazing veteran VO talent. In addition to directing, she played a major role in the casting process, always looking to fill out the veteran cast with fresh, up-and-coming talent. Prior to that she was head of the VO Department at Animation Collective. There she was in charge of the VO records and casting of nine shows in production, including 'Kappa Mikey' for Nicktoons, 'Ellens Acres' for Cartoon Network, and 'Thumb Wrestling Federation' for Kids WB.