Instructor:  Steve Saracino
Showcase Date: TBD
Class Time(s): 4:00PM - 4:00PM
Class Duration:
Location: Flappers Comedy University - Waldorf Room
118 E. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91502
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Teens - are you looking to learn a little about how to perform comedy, prepare yourself for the entertainment industry... and maybe even have some fun? Then this is the place for you!

This fun, high energy class for ages 12-17 will introduce young adults to the basics of improv comedy. Students will learn how to play basic improv games, think on their feet, and work together with others to create scenes from a suggestion. Improv classes for teenagers are an excellent way to promote teamwork and build self-confidence in their speaking and performing abilities - both in the entertainment profession as well as in general public speaking! The lessons, specially tailored for young comedians, help encourage students to learn about physical presence on stage, enunciation, voice control, and both physical and verbal communication skills.

Finally, these lessons all culminate in a LIVE stage performance by the students in front of friends and family at a real comedy club!


This class is taught by veteran improv teacher Steve Saracino. Steve boasts 41 years of credentialed teaching experience at the high school and middle school levels in New Jersey, Kansas and California school districts, and after studying improv at Groundlings, has gone on to teach improvisational acting & writing for the past 23 years.
Steve Saracino

Actor Commercial music composer Chris Farley Impersonator Body-double for Brad Pitt Former child

This guy will make you laugh! Maybe. He has won no major awards other than 1st Place in the Sixth Grade Science Fair. That gold plated medal is still being challenged by silver medalist Melvin Sworky.