Stand Up Level 2
Instructor:  Teresa Lo
Session: 10/27/2021 - 12/01/2021

6 Weeks
Student Showcase: Sun 03/01/2020
Showcase Date: 03/01/2020 05:00PM
Class Time(s): 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Class Duration: 3 Hours
Location: Flappers Comedy University - Statler Room
118 E. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91502
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The Stand Up Level 2: Course is intended for students looking to advance their education past the introductory lessons of Level 1, as well as comedians with prior experience looking to gain a deeper understanding of Flappers University's structure-based approach to stand-up comedy. Students will begin to explore the psychological factors that can determine the success of a joke, and focus on learning about building assumptions, styles of punchlines, and using advanced-level comedic tools like bridges and revelations. Intermediate-level topics covered in this course will include:

- Refinement of lessons from Level 1
- Deeper understanding of basic comedy structure, and how it is used to create surprise
- The importance of brevity and its effect on stand up material
- How to discover additional tags on existing material
- Pacing and the power of silence
- 'Joke Doctoring' and refining your existing material

Successful completion of this course will culminate in a stage performance in front of a live audience on one of our Flappers club stages!

At Flappers University we believe that comedy is truly an art-form, a combination of raw talent and technique. Talent can be lost without technique, so we first teach joke structure and the basic language of comedy. We also believe that what makes a great comedian is being personal and authentic and, perhaps, a rule-breaker, so we provide a safe and fun environment where you can be just that: authentic, inspired and successful. Whether you are already a working comedian or looking to make it your profession, or simply need help with that next presentation or just want to come and have fun, we can help you find the path to funny.

Due to the concerns of many, we are offering the class through an online model as well. We will provide the Zoom web address with required ID numbers and passwords.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Stand Up Level 1: Beginning *OR* prior comedy experience is strongly recommended, but not required.

***Wondering which level of class is right for you? Feel free to contact us at with any questions!
Teresa Lo

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Teresa Lo is a writer, comedian, and live event producer. She published the Amazon bestsellers Hell's Game and The Red Lantern Scandals, and her books have been developed for TV and film by companies such as 20th Century Fox, Winkler Films (Wolf of Wall Street), and Haimes Productions (Transformers). As a journalist, her work has appeared in publications such as Yahoo, Popsugar, Buzzfeed, and Hustler Magazine. She has performed standup all over the United States, at places like Laughfest, The Boston Comedy Festival, The Ventura Comedy Festival, and more. She produces live events around Los Angeles, and her fundraiser for the nonprofit RAINN was named a Best of LA event by LAist Magazine.


Stand Up Level 2enroll | buy

Stand Up Level 2enroll | buy